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NCT ユウタ ショウタロウ1

After some planning, MEN’S NON-NO, YUTA and SHOTARO started filming “SHOW YOUR VIBE!!!!!” in January 2022, both remotely and in-person in Tokyo. Unfortunately, this is the final session of their regular series. We will continue to support them and look forward to seeing them again!

NCT ユウタ ショウタロウ2

YUTA and SHOTARO, looking back on their column.

–This is the last appearance of the series. We will miss you.

SHOTARO : I am very sad about it! I had so much fun!

YUTA : But please keep up the good work, even in 2023! I’d like to shoot in Tokyo again.

–Sure! You two have appeared in various media in both your country and abroad. How did it feel to have a column in the fashion magazine?

 Well, I am very grateful as it was really fun. I think I was able to show many people a new side of me through the series. For example, there are some clothes I can only wear in MEN’S NON-NO, or the very rare photos of behind the scenes from the Tokyo Dome show (November 2022 issue), which is normally never shown to the public. The interviews also brought out a lot of things that I normally can’t say.

S Like I told you before, it was strange and yet wonderful to be in MEN’S NON-NO, which my father also admired.

Y Right, your father!

S Yes, my father! And I always saw MEN’S NON-NO every month at convenience stores when I was a student in Japan….

Y Oh, you didn’t buy it (laughs). He was just browsing without buying it!

S Ha ha! My bad (laughs) Well, I meant we can find it on every street! it’s everywhere you go!

–You emphasized it twice (laughs).

NCT ユウタ ショウタロウ3

S Let’s get back on track (laughs). I couldn’t believe that I could be on the cover of MEN’S NON-NO, a magazine that my father used to read too. And even though we are in Korea, the fact that we were able to work on the column of the Japanese fashion magazine will always be a great memory for me. As YUTA-kun said, I felt that each interview was interesting because it brought out more and more about me as the interviewer delved deeper into various aspects of myself.

Y Yes! Interviews can be a good insight for us.

S You are right! I totally agree.

Y Expressing an opinion or thought has a responsibility, in a positive sense. Words are very powerful, as they are often called “words of the spirit,” and I found it very wonderful to be able to give those powers to someone via interview.

S Yeah! Stating my thoughts is also a way to recognize my own idea that I have been thinking. I want to be able to verbalize it more!

Y Yeah, it really is. And it’s a good reminder for me, too.

S And I was happy that we were able to realize the shoot in Japan after I requested. It was an intense and fun time.

NCT ユウタ 1

Y It’s great to be able to transmit my thoughts and style to people of my generation through interviews, photos, and so on. I think there are all kinds of people reading the magazine, from those who have clear goals for the future to those who don’t know what to do just yet, and it’s great to be able to inspire them. In fact, in all the years that I have been working with MEN’S NON-NO, I have heard from the staff that there has been a great response from many young people, and I am glad that I did this column.

S I am glad that we were able to appear in a fashion magazine, and I appreciate that our activities in Korea were featured, and we have a place where we can share our thoughts and feelings every month through a magazine that is filled with real Japanese youth culture.

Y Exactly! We are reimported from Korea to Japan, so to speak! It’s refreshing, isn’t it?

S Indeed!

NCT ショウタロウ1

Y We believe that it is meaningful for us, as a transmitter, to first let various people know about us. We hope that we can show our growth to those who found us by chance through this column. And lastly, since this is a fashion magazine, I would like to say a few words. Lately I have been thinking that fashion is about people finding their own uniqueness. So I would be happy if you could enjoy looking at our fashions, and you could confidently pursue your own unique style.

S I’ll try to be cooler too! Let’s become nice and mature together.

–you are welcome to come back anytime.

Y We’ll be back soon!

S Because it’s our “home”!

NCT ユウタ ショウタロウ4
NCT ユウタ ショウタロウ5

YUTA インスタグラム

When you gain confidence, you begin to love yourself. It was a year in which I strongly felt this.

NCT ユウタ4
NCT ユウタ 2

“It is often said that when a person grows up or matures, he or she “peels off a layer of skin,” and 2022 was a year in which I was able to experience so many different things and I felt that this situation might be what people are talking about. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the stage even more, and I feel that I’m really getting comfortable with it. Since around the time of NCT 127’s Tokyo Dome performance, I have often wondered “What is this fulfilling feeling?” But now that the world tour has started, there was a real difference compared to what I had experienced before the Corona Disaster. I think it is because I have gained confidence through many experiences, such as appearing in a movie for the first time and completing a dome tour, and I have come to love myself more. That is why I am now able to express myself on stage with pride and enjoyment. This year was a year in which I developed a great sense of affirmation. If you don’t love yourself, it is difficult to communicate something meaningful to others. Because I have understood this, I have a very positive mindset now, and I can tell that I am in a good state of mind.

NCT ユウタ 3

However, what we have accomplished, no matter how great, is already in the past. I am sure that our dreams will continue to grow in the years to come, and in 2023 we will work together as a team to take the next step forward, and I am also motivated to work enthusiastically on my own individual activities. I’m most looking forward to my 2023 self! Please keep your eyes on us!”

SHOTARO インスタグラム

I want to catch up with what our seniors are experiencing. I hope we can keep our sense of self and improve our ability to express ourselves.

NCT ショウタロウ4
NCT ショウタロウ2

“The year 2022 was a year in which I was able to experience many things at once that I was not able to do in 2020 and 2021. Looking back, starting with the NCT U performance video “coNEXTion (Age of Light),” which focused on my dance, I was able to stand in Tokyo Dome for SMTOWN LIVE, appeared in TV programs, worked on advertisements, and had many magazine shoots. I was very fulfilled. In ” What’s NCT!? 〜Welcome to NCT Universe〜”, I was able to experience a Japanese comedy show, performing with comedians that I had seen on TV before and I am thinking that I must work even harder for the upgraded “What’s NCT!”

NCT ショウタロウ3

The most impressive part of the event was the view of the Tokyo Dome.
Ever since I was a child, I had set a goal of standing in the dome! So, to be able to perform in front of tens of thousands of people gave me a lot of confidence. But as YUTA-kun says, we don’t take this as the goal, we want to continue to develop. Since I am always watching the seniors of NCT from the closest distance, I would like to polish my skills and catch up with what Yuta and the others have experienced, while also valuing my own uniqueness. YUTA-kun told me, “SHOTARO has a lot of things I don’t have, so just keep going and you’ll be fine,” which gives me a lot of courage. I’m looking forward to showing my progress with you all, MEN’S NON-NO readers !

NCT ユウタ ショウタロウ6


for YUTA

NCT ユウタ 4

This purple duffel looks great against the snowy landscape, especially when paired with YUTA’s platinum hair. While cute, the deep cutouts from the shoulders to the back of the body gives it an edgy touch. A white parka and a blue balaclava complete the winter tone of the overall look.

コート¥307,890・パンツ¥66,990・バラクラバ¥21,890・グローブ¥37,290・ネックレス[青]¥32,890・[赤]¥43,890(すべてタカヒロミヤシタザソロイスト.)/タカヒロミヤシタザソロイスト.アオヤマ パーカ¥46,200・シャツ¥39,600(ともにダブレット)/エンケル ピアス/本人私物


NCT ショウタロウ4

The matching items with YUTA in some parts and the tops of different lengths embody the fun of layering. The vivid coloring will make even the coldest of days fun.

カーディガン¥97,790・パンツ¥58,190・バラクラバ¥20,790・グローブ¥37,290・ネックレス[緑]¥43,890(すべてタカヒロミヤシタザソロイスト.)/タカヒロミヤシタザソロイスト.アオヤマ パーカ¥46,200・シャツ¥39,600(ともにダブレット)/エンケル 靴(フット・ザ・コーチャー)¥74,800・ネックレス[長]¥67,100・[短]¥50,600(ともにエンド)/ギャラリー・オブ・オーセンティック

Serialization SHOW YOUR VIBE!!!!!
Finally, the last installment. It was YUTA’S birthday on the day of shooting!



NCT 127、NCT DREAM、WayV、そしてNCT Uと、さまざまなユニットが大集結している多国籍ボーイズグループNCT。圧倒的なパフォーマンススキルや最先端のファッション、彼らが個々に持つ魅力的なキャラクターで、世界中に多くのファンを持っているボーイズグループだ。歌、ダンス、ラップなど、どれをとってもハイレベルで、一度観たら忘れられない! 

Models:YUTA SHOTARO[Both are NCT] Photos:Daehan Chae Hair:Songhee Han Make-up:Seongeun An Stylist:Taichi Sumura Coordination:Shinhae Song[TANO international]  Transration:Momoko Ikeda

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