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[#YUTA #YUTA #NCT] SHOW YOUR VIBE!!!!! WEB Version OCT. issue~ Questions from irreplaceable friends who love YUTA

[#YUTA #YUTA #NCT] SHOW YOUR VIBE!!!!! WEB Version OCT. issue~ Questions from irreplaceable friends who love YUTA

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NCT YUTA&SHOTARO ,ユウタ&ショウタロウ

This time, we asked those who have a connection with the two as to “what they would like to ask on this occasion?” Since the release date of the MEN’s NON-NO October issue of this project coincided with the release date of the movie “HiGH&LOW THE WORST X,” steamy questions were thrown at YUTA from his co-stars, and the same for SHOTARO, regarding the core of his identity which is dance, from those close to him. From deep questions that showed respect for the two, to more casual questions that were easy to talk about in a friendly manner, and along with questions from MEN’s NON-NO, the two sat side-by-side, sometimes jokingly yet always serious about answering every single question thrown at them!

YUTA @yuu_taa_1026


Kazuma Kawamura


In the movie, Kazuma Kawamura plays the main character, Fujio Hanaoka. The fierce battle scene with Ryo Susaki played by YUTA is not to be missed!


I was very happy to hear that you were eager to be in “HiGH&LOW THE WORST X”. What kind of a film did HiGH&LOW become for you after actually being a part of it?


YUTA (hereafter “Y”): I feel as if I was given the opportunity to experience “school life” through this movie. During the shoot, I kept thinking, “Ah, if I were a high school student, maybe I would’ve spent time with my friends like this.” I truly felt like it was my “second flush of youth.” I, of course, had a clear idea of “how I wanted to act,” but more so than that, I really enjoyed the atmosphere when we were on the set but not filming. Being a part of “HiGH&LOW” is my first work as an actor and I’m glad that it will be a memorable one. There’s something that has left a lasting impression on me while spending time with Kazuma on-set. The location of the shoot was at a real school, so there was a music room. And one day, I happened to stumble into the room, where Kazuma happened to be there. We just had a nonchalant conversation like, “How’s it going? The shoot is hard work.” I think it was around 1 AM… outside they were still filming, so the lights were pouring into the music room as well. So, that in itself was like a scene in a movie. So there we are, just the two of us, sitting there in a slight light in the midnight hours. It was such a nice moment, as if we were really back in school. I think Kazuma members it, too.



Hokuto Yoshino


Hokuto Yoshino gives an enthusiastic performance of Tsukasa Takashiro of Oya High School, which is at odds with Senomon Technical High School, also known as “Blood Gate,” to which Susaki belongs.
The friendship between Tsukasa and Fujio is also genuine and heartfelt!


What is your personal motto, YUTA? I’m sure this attitude is connected to your performance and life in general, so I thought I’d ask. Also, I’d like to hear about any other roles you would’ve liked to have played in this movie. YUTA, your hard work has not gone unnoticed! I was happy to be able to co-star with you. Let’s both continue to chase our dreams! I’ll be rooting for you from afar!


Y:Wow, Hokuto! For some reason, he really took to me. This means a lot and I’m grateful! This might not be a personal motto, but I always have this saying within me, “Always remember to be grateful.” Whether it’s in life or while performing, being grateful can truly be a driving force. Being aware that “I am supported by these people” turns into my power. I’m only human, so of course I get tired at times, but the feeling of gratitude can be motivating. So, I believe that it is important not to forget to be grateful. Any other roles… Mmm… all for them! The main character is great, too!

SHOTARO (hereafter, “S”): that’s greedy~!

Y:Ahaha. To want to play them all (LOL). It might be greedy, but hey, me as all of them! (LOL)

S:Ahahaha! No way~~ (LOL).

Y:No, but seriously, I’m gonna have to go with Kohei Amagai. I was always up close. During the shoot, I was always next to him and I was really impressed by (Miyama) RYOKI (BE:FIRST), and there were parts where he helped me and pulled me along. In the script, I guess you could say that Amagai is a villain or a “dark” character. His personality is opposite that of Susaki. Ryoki did such a good job of expressing and creating a contrast with Susaki, which made it much easier for me to play my role. If you were to ask me if I think I was able to fully portray the role of Ryo Susaki to the very end, there’s a lot I could reflect on. But when it comes to RYOKI, I think he helped to fill in the gaps that I was lacking. That’s one of the reasons I felt like, “Ahh, this role is really enticing.”


YUTA&SHOTARO ,ユウタ&ショウタロウ

Akihisa Shiono


Akihisa Shiono plays the role of Yuken Odashima, one of the Four Heavenly Kings who reign over Hosen Academy, a very prestigious school known as “The Assassin Corps.” His cool appearance has attracted many fans.


What was your first impression of us when you met us for this movie? Also, you were really trying to get to my family’s crepe shop, so the next time you’re back home, I’ll deliver some to you! By the way, what type of flavor do you like?


Y:Oh!!! (LOL) That’s right. I really tried to get there! Could you ask in return, “By the way, what type of flavor do you recommend?” (LOL) I could any type of crepe made by Aki! Next time for sure!

S:Shiono has a crepe shop?

Y:Yeah. His family runs a crepe shop.

S:What? Wow!! Envy.

Y:I know! On the set, there were a lot of guys like Aki, who were around the same age as me, but honestly, I was a little afraid. There’s this aura that’s unique to “HiGH&LOW” and it made me straighten up, too. It’s different from the actual co-stars, but there’s this sharp bite to these so-called bad-boy characters. I mean, let’s admit it, there were these bunch of actors who came well-prepared for their roles and I guess it created this atmosphere that was likely overwhelming. But once it all began, the director and the co-stars were all very friendly and kind to me. It almost had this Osaka-like feel to it… the Osaka that I know, of course (LOL). It was just so comfortable, and I don’t want anybody to take this the wrong way, but everyone was so nice to me that there were times when I thought, “Hey. I knew an elderly lady like that in my hometown. (LOL). I never felt any frigidness and it was always such a nice atmosphere on-set.

S: Sounds like fun~! I’ve seen the series up to now! I’ve only seen trailers of the movie YUTA’s in, but I can’t wait to see it! I wonder where I can see it… I’m definitely going to see it!! (Note from editorial staff: at the time of the interview)

Y:Don’t miss out ♡


What ‘s the percentage between “Fun!” and “Hard!” when rehearsing?


Y:Higher for fun!

S:What?! Really?!

Y:Yup! Ten-to-zero!


Y:OK, well, I may have overstated (LOL), but I still think the fun outweighs the hard. Yup. We’re able to communicate with the other members and there’s so much more to it, you know. Eating together and playing around during in-between times.

S:Yeah, yeah! That’s true!

Y:It’s not just dancing all the time, so if we add the atmosphere of the other times, then the percentage of fun is clearly a win.

S:No doubt about! Then, can I go with seven-to-three… no, eight-to-two please!

Y:That’s rather chopped down (LOL).

S:Just as you said, YUTA, the casual conversation and communication are fun.

Y:It’s rough when we’re working on getting our timing together, especially when there are a lot of us!

S:Yes. That’s the “two percent”! (LOL) But the harder we work on that “two percent,” nothing can replace the joy when we accomplish it.

YUTA&SHOTARO ,ユウタ&ショウタロウ

Anything to brag about recently?


Y:Surprisingly not… to brag, that is. How about you, SHOTARO?

S:I wonder?

Y:Ohhh, but wait! That’ll have to be, “HiGH&LOW came out!” What can I say? It comes down to this.

S:So true! That is something to brag about! Then, I’ll go with, “I’m taking supplements every day!”

Y:We’ve got somebody who’s full of awareness here (LOL).

S:Ahaha! You can write, “to-be-cool awareness very high over here” (LOL).


If you could switch bodies for one day?


S:Me! Me! (Raising hand) I’d like to take advantage of YUTA’s beauty here and walk in the middle of Shibuya without any disguise!

Y:You’d be surprised how nobody really notices!

S:No way …!

Y:It’s true. Maybe the fans are just leaving me alone. I’d like to take advantage of SHOTARO’s adorable smile and…

S:Hey, I bet you’re up to no good (LOL).

Y:[Chuckles]. Oh, but what I really one to do is that! Put on some music in the middle of the street and suddenly dance! Everybody on the street will see you dance be like, “Woh…!” And can’t take their eyes off you!


Styling Story  Youngjin Kim-stylist from Seoul
Youngjin Kim-stylist from Seoul

This time, I was told by the editorial department that it would be black and white photo shoot. So, I kept that in mind when deciding on styling that would stand out against that. The main set-up item is from “MÜNN”, which has been steadily building a track record in Korea and is attracting a lot of attention from stylists. It is a tailored brand that makes clothes with attention to detail, so you can see gracefulness come through the punchy designs. The two are able to pull off unique patterns, so I proposed a twin-coordination set-up. Daringly pairing heels with a masculine design and I was conscious of bringing a sexiness that is not-so-easy to achieve.





NCT is a special group, where the various units NCT 127, NCT DREAM, WayV, and NCT U gather together. With overwhelming performance skills, cutting-edge fashion, and unique, attractive characters, this boy group has countless fans all over the world. Their skills – singing, dancing, and rap – are all remarkable. Once you have seen them, you can never forget them! 

Models:YUTA SHOTARO[Both are NCT] Photos:Heehyun Oh Hair:Songhee Han Make-up:Seongeun An Stylist:Youngjin Kim Coordination:Shinhae Song Asaki Kan Sachiko Tanno[TANO International] Logos:ZUMA Translation:Keiko Tsuyama

*All outfits were prepared and put together in Korea. Inquiries from Japan cannot be accepted.


MEN'S NON-NO SPECIAL COLUMN Also in thi Series...

Hello,NCT!! OUR chat room


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