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【#001 YUTA #ユウタ】The World Famous NCT 127’s Creative Members Share Their Thoughts; Fashion, Music, Lifestyle, Favorite Things… What is Your Style? Finding My Style with NCT 127

【#001 YUTA #ユウタ】The World Famous NCT 127’s Creative Members Share Their Thoughts; Fashion, Music, Lifestyle, Favorite Things… What is Your Style? Finding My Style with NCT 127

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Finding My Style with NCT 127

When MEN’S NON-NO WEB published in March 2019 a long interview story with YUTA, the Japanese member of NCT 127, the piece created a sensation when it broke the record page views of an exclusive interview piece with a celebrity. Moving to South Korea as a teenager and embracing the music and fashion of today, YUTA travels globally with the multinational members of NCT 127.  Inspired by his attitude to look at himself objectively and his struggles in a foreign country, users, mostly from the younger generation, left numerous comments for the piece.

MEN’S NON-NO has been spotlighting NCT 127 ever since the group’s ‘connect’ performance – the first showcase live concert in Japan – and had been negotiating with the group for more than a year. This series of special interviews are the result of the special relationship between MEN’S NON-NO and NCT 127.

MEN’S NON-NO will take unique approaches as a fashion magazine to cover them from various angles, such as what one’s style is described by talented members of NCT 127, their policies on using fashion to express themselves, and their plans for the future. Because YUTA’s interview piece attracted readers globally, the piece will be offered in both English and Japanese. From the gracious pre-interview questions NCT 127 members had answered, a series of global video interviews connecting Seoul and Tokyo, all the way to the special features such as the members’ exclusive photo shoots, this interview series is sure to be a positive contrast to the challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19. The kickoff to the interview series is, of course, the reunion with YUTA!

001/Question 127

What Is The Biggest Change Since Your Debut Piece a Year And a Half Ago For MEN’S NON-NO?

MEN’S NON-NO: It has been a while since I last saw you. How have you been?

YUTA: Long time no see! I am well! How are you? This talk feels very different from the last one.

MN: Yes. This time, we’re talking over video phones, with you in Seoul and us in Tokyo. We are excited to talk with you on various topics today.

Y: Gotcha!

MN:Our first exclusive interview article on you has got record page views for MEN’S NON-NO. The piece was truly legendary and unforgettable for the newsroom and we also had lots of lots of comments from our readers. It showed that you are truly an international artist as we had many readers from outside Japan and South Korea.

Y: Thank you so much. I can’t thank you enough!

MN: Last time we saw you, NCT 127 had NCT 127 1st Tour ’NEO CITY: JAPAN-The Origin’ in Osaka. You are from Osaka, so it was a triumphal return to your hometown and you told us that you had felt a pressure upon your return. It has been a year and a half since the tour, do you feel any change within you or do you feel that you have grown to become more successful now?

Y: It was our very first concert tour and I was so drowned into it that I couldn’t see anything else around. Since then, I have become more experienced in our business. After our Japan tour, where we go to visit many local towns, we’ve done a global tour, we rehearsed so many stages. Now I think I can see myself a little more objectively. I learned to take a step back knowing how important it was to see around and to care for others.

NCT 127

MN: What did you find about yourself after taking a step back and seeing yourself objectively?

Y: I still don’t know everything about myself, but I certainly know more about myself on the stage. I was always convinced that I had to put 100% of my soul and energy into our stage performance, but now I consider it not so professional. If you always run 100%, but with no remaining power, your body becomes inflexible and the quality of your performance drops. I am speaking for myself, but if you relax, our audience don’t feel too overwhelmed. And as for us, we can make our performance more casual and fun. In other words, if we enjoy ourselves, our audience can truly enjoy our performance. I strongly feel that way now. 

MN: In a good sense, did you learn how to have an extra room to breathe?

Y: Exactly, exactly! It is very critical to have extra leeway for yourself.

002/Question 127

How Are You Doing Now?

MN: We are excited that we can talk and discover different sides of you today. You kickoff this series of interviews with the members of NCT 127. Are you excited?

Y: Wow, I am nervous.

MN: We can’t imagine you being easily nervous. But according to your answer to our pre-interview, you wrote;
“When I first meet someone, I become nervous so I tend to try to act cool, but I’m also childlike, so I want to show that part of me in this interview series.”

Y: To tell you the truth, I am very nervous now(LOL). I know that this is the first time for each member of NCT 127 to be featured in a long interview and for your readers, they have the chance of getting to know more about our different sides. It’s also an opportunity for them to know more about NCT 127, so I hope many people will read this series.

MN: MEN’S NON-NO was preparing for this for a while. We think YUTA-san is our go to person for MEN’S NON-NO, so please relax and keep talking to us(LOL).

Y: Haha! I am glad to (LOL)

MN: Because of the spread of COVID-19, NCT 127 cannot go on an overseas tour. You are not allowed to have an audience in concert halls in South Korea as well. What is your thought in all the circumstances you find yourself in? 

Y: Under this circumstance, we can’t see all our fans physically, but we strongly feel that they are thinking about us all the time. I started using my Instagram account, @yuu_taa_1026, and in South Korea, we have an app called ‘Bubble’ where an individual artist can interact with his/her fans with a messaging tool as if you would interact with your fan club. When we go through messages from our fans, we see that so many people care about us and sometimes we feel our fan’s love more than when we physically interact with them.

MN: I see. So it’s the opposite?

Y: Yes, it is! Because we have been away from our fans, we realized how valuable and precious they are. So we can’t wait even a moment to perform on the stage for them.

MN: It’s amazing that you can connect with your fans through various tools and technology.

Y: We miss our fans, though; we want to see them soon. We had a chance to create ‘Beyond LIVE’(a type of virtual concert streaming feature). We enjoyed doing it very much. It was inspiring for us to feel that there will be new types of concerts in the future and the fact that it could create new cultures. But for me, I enjoy myself more than anything else when I perform in an offline concert.

MN: Hopefully, you’ll be able to have concerts as soon as possible.

Y: Yes, indeed.

MN: We know you are eager to have concerts now, but what is the first thing you want to do when you return to Japan?

Y: I want to see my family and talk about many things. I miss my friends as well! Other than that, I want to travel around Japan with members of NCT 127. We have never traveled to Japan privately and I haven’t been to many places in Japan yet, so we will have a lot of fun together.

003/Question 127

How Do You Remain True To Yourself?


MN: The biggest focus for this interview series is to let readers to think about themselves, whether it’s fashion style or life principles, or whatever topics, along with the members of NCT 127. We had members of NCT 127 answer some questions previously, and we thought that your message was brilliant, so we wanted to share it before our conversation on it.
“‘Getting to know yourself’ is a very difficult term for me. I let myself choose different things, whether it’s fashion or music, depending on the time and my mood. But even doing so, I need to show my original self. Even when you change something, I value having something to express my personality. What’s important is that what you like doesn’t reflect your personality necessarily, but how you interpret yourself is.”

Y: Wow, is it me who wrote it(LOL)? This is embarrassing!

MN: Yes it was you(LOL). You moved to a foreign country by yourself and you are active with talented members of NCT 127, so we believe you already have your strength and personality. You wrote your answer so sincerely and we were impressed by it. We are even embarrassed  having asked you such a question without putting much thought into it(LOL). So we’d like to know how you found this thought.

Y: Well, I’ve had a big problem understanding something for a while. People often say to me, “That is so you!” “It doesn’t suit you” or “Doesn’t it fit you?” But my question has been who gets to decide what suits me? It depends on the person what ‘fits’. Each one of us has had different path in the past, so one can have different values, right?

Especially in this digital age, many people tend to believe in what is visible. But I tend to think that you have to look at the things deep within you. When we think about our professions, we know that, after all, our fans tend to see how they want to see us. However, I think it’s great when a person can find something in between what he or she wants to convey and other people’s expectations. It could be one’s strength, too. But in the end, I think what you’re content with becomes your identity and style. You can dress in a certain way and listen to specific types of music depending on the day and the mood. If you are confident, you become comfortable that people see where you come from.

MN: You want to be confident and you don’t want to be subject to each time when people say that something ‘isn’t you’.

Y: Exactly. Here is an interesting story. One of our members, Jungwoo, wanted to wear long pierced earrings and he wanted to hear my opinion as I like pierced earrings. He bought a new pair, but he told me it didn’t look like his style. I said to him, “You aren’t used to what you look like with the long pair, but it might just become your style if you keep on wearing it.” This story overlaps with what I said about personality. I said to Jungwoo, “Though some people may say ‘It doesn’t fit you’ when you try a new style or a new way of things, your personality is what you believe in, so you just have to be confident”.

MN: Is this a thought that developed recently?

Y: I have thought about it for a long time. Ever since I chose to make my debut in South Korea.

MN: We are interested in what makes you, YUTA-san, feel right, and what condition you feel that way.

Y: In terms of my mood, music, and fashion, lately, I feel right when I’m listening to rock music.

MN: We heard you like Japanese rock.

Y: I absolutely love it. I especially love and adore HYDE and MIYAVI. I think I have loved their taste for a long while. So recently, I started telling others, “ I LOVE it!”. It’s just that I didn’t tell others about it, but I loved them from way back.

004/Question 127

What Quality Is Most Valuable For You As An Artist?

MN: In your musical career, what part of your quality do you value most?

Y: Mmm, that is a tough question.

MN: You told us that you were particular about adding different gestures in your dance performance to excite people.

Y: I am still particular about it. However lately, I feel like leaving it to our fans or our audience on how they enjoy it. It’s not like “This is me, so you have to accept it”. I feel better when people enjoy it as they see it. What matters to me is that I know what my identity is and that I am confident.

MN: You said that you started taking a step back to see around recently. We feel that you’ve grown in that regard. Before this interview, we asked you if there was any gap between reality and how you wanted to be seen by people. You wrote back to us,
“I was aware of such a gap, but I have not been lately.”

Y: Yes, I remember it!

MN: Now that you are comfortable leaving it to people about how you are seen by them, can you recommend one music video to our readers? The one you want to say, “This is such a cool music video! Ain’t I cool? ”? 

Y: I like “Kick It” from our latest album, Neo Zone. I’m confident when I say that this piece is cool. The dance to the chorus part has a cool rhythm and it’s easy to copy, so I am happy if people have fun dancing to it. 

Y: “Non-Stop” is also my favorite song from the album, because it’s easy to listen to and I recommend this to someone who is watching NCT 127’s performance for the first time. I think the song has a melody that Japanese people would like. You can watch our teaser for our song and choreography. .

What Is The Relationship Like Between Members You Can Trust?


MN: Among the members of NCT 127, do you talk about the good characteristics of each member? When you were asked about what you are proud of the other members, you wrote,
“Each one of us has a very rich facial expression.”

Y: Haha! We don’t say it(LOL), but I am sure all of us know the good qualities each one of us has to offer. While it’s been about 4 years since we made the debut as NCT 127, we’ve been together for 8 years as we formed a pre-debut training team before. So we don’t have a lot of opportunities to talk about and encourage what is good about each member. Um, I think and I hope that everyone has the same thought as I do.

MN: You understand each other as if you could read each other’s minds.

Y: Yes, exactly. We are connected in that way. We sometimes have opposing opinions, but we never had a serious fight.

MN: You are a globally active artist and in our first interview with you, we were impressed when you pointed it out,
“I make my best effort to figure out how I can make myself understood by people and how I can make my point while respecting others. It’s not about the language differences, but it’s about expressing your opinions and feelings. It’s not an issue about which language you can speak or can’t.”
Is this something you still value?

Y: Yes, I always keep it in my mind. More than ever, we had various experiences together as a team, so we can understand each other without any arguments.  

MN: To our question, “What does NCT 127 mean to you?” you answered,
“NCT 127 is the place where I can be happy, be frustrated, be down, and be enjoying myself.”
What makes you especially feel happy?

Y: Yes, we have some happy moments! These are simple things, but lately, I like having meals together, celebrating a member’s birthday, and going out shopping sometimes. Because of the spread of COVID-19, now we can find time out of our busy schedules to do things we couldn’t do before and to enjoy a relaxing time together. When we aren’t working, we are just like students. That’s the way we think of ourselves. We have fun goofing around just like children. There are moments when I find something new or a new side of other members – those are the times when I realize, “I never knew this side to them.” Because I get to know more about them, I appreciate those small moments.

MN: You can experience  all kinds of emotions when you are with NCT 127. NCT 127 has had a big impact on you?

Y: I believe that NCT 127 made the person who I am today. Whether when I am happy or sad, and even now, as the person being interviewed, everything is influenced by NCT 127. Ever since my debut and up till now, NCT 127 made me who I am.

MN: Going a little off-topic, but to the question of “A weakness you want to overcome,” you replied, “Getting tired of things easily.”

Y: I get bored with things very easily! I am not consistent –  it’s easy to get excited and get bored at the same time. When I am excited, I do the same thing all day long, but then, I get bored. However, I have been practicing the guitar recently as a way of expanding my interests. I also love rock bands, so I thought it would be nice if I could sing along with my guitar.

MN: Do you want to perform with your guitar at a concert?

Y: Sure! Though I don’t know I can go as far as playing it in a concert(LOL). I just try my best to keep practicing.

006/Question 127

What Are Your Thoughts On Fashion?

MN: Let’s talk about fashion now. Fashion is one of the features you made a big change in the last year and a half..

Y: Yeees!

MN: In our first interview with you, you talked about some of the things that matched you and the items you liked. In terms of your recent style, you pointed out,
“I started wearing more flamboyant clothes. I liked them before., but I also felt as if my identity was gradually fading when I perform as a member of a group. ”
Interestingly, you think your style is related to your identity.

Y: The thought just hit me as I realized that there are so many K-POP groups now and I belong in one of those groups. In our music pieces, I share the same design concept with other members. If you don’t know all of us well, it’s hard to tell one member from another, though it’s still very important to create one cohesive team. So I started integrating showy things in my private fashion items. It’s for a change that I started choosing flamboyant items, as long as I am comfortable with them.

MN: Do you get in a better mood when you put on something like that?

Y: Yes. I talked about it in my previous interview, but I keep on reminding myself of the importance of feeling good in front of a mirror and appreciating how the style fits me. It’s not about which size fits best. I don’t care about popularity either!

YUTA My favorite!

MN: You sent us this photo of your painted jacket as your recent style. Where did you buy it?

Y: I bought it during our tour in Los Angeles, U.S.. It was love at first sight, so I have a good memory with it.


MN: We heard you like wearing beanies.

Y: It’s just so easy to feel casual when you wear one(LOL). But it’s also my style and rule that you have to look fashionable even if you are wearing casual outfits – this applies to hats. Accessories are the same thing. When I don’t have much time before I go out, I choose a necklace or a ring and play with it to make myself look fashionable. So I love accessories and small items.

collection of accessories

MN: This photo shows that you have a collection of accessories.

Y: Yes, I am a collector of accessories! I keep collecting them. My recent favorite brand is GUCCI.

MN: Good for you!

Y: For clothes, the price doesn’t matter as long as I like it. But when I try to buy an accessory, I always go for ones that I can cherish for a long time. It makes me feel committed and confident when I buy ones like that.

MN: Do you buy an accessory to celebrate an occasion?

Y: Sure. I reward myself after hard work or as a way to celebrate the end of a big event. So I don’t buy accessories often. I just buy a couple every half year, for example.

MN: Do you go by yourself when you shop for clothes and accessories?

Y: I go out shopping with members once in a while, but I do it by myself most of the time. I like being independent.

MN: You know what style you like and you don’t. Can we assume that you aren’t indecisive or you don’t need the opinion of others?

Y: It’s true. I’m not indecisive! I make my decisions super quickly and I always leave the shop quickly. I can leave in a minute(LOL)!

MN: That is too quick(LOL). Fashion is, according to you, YUTA-san, a very important way of showing your identity and being you.

Y: Absolutely. While on a stage, our costume image encourages us to accomplish our best possible performance. But, in my private life, I wear what I want to, so it simply shows who I am. For me, music and fashion are essential and inseparable. They express who I am at the time.

007/Question 127

What is Your Specific Hairstyle?


MN: We would love to know what your hairstyle is.

Y: I am very specific about it!

MN: This photo was taken during your performance of  ‘Kick It’ – your favorite one. Here, you have a wolf cut with color highlights. Readers of MEN’S NON-NO are especially interested in hairstyles and they think it’s just as important as clothes.

Y: I get it! A hairstyle is just as important. I always have a deep conversation with our hair artists each time we have a concert. We collaborate to make sure that every single stage looks different, so I make sure to give a lot of opinions. For example, when we did our latest performance,“Punch,” I had an undercut hairstyle.

Y: We didn’t have many variations for the hair arrangement, so when we were done halfway, I said, “Can we try using  crayon that can color our hair?” You can wash the crayon off, so we could put on any color like red or light blue that matched our costumes. It added a lot of variety to our hairstyles.

MN: Where do you get these inspirations from?

Y: Well…I thought that our hairstyle was bland, and then it just hit me. We have many weekly music shows on TV in South Korea and every show airs the same hit songs. So when you put yourself in the shoes of the viewers and think about what you can do to make our performances different each time, we change our outfits, hairstyles, and gestures in our dance choreography. I enjoy coming up with these new ideas. For me, it’s not something that I am doing just for our viewers. It’s also for myself!

MN: You said Japanese rock bands and TV dramas have big influences on your style. Do you still feel these cultural impacts?

Y: Of course. What you saw, heard, and felt as a kid keeps staying inside you as the backbone of who you are, I suppose. Even though you go through various experiences as an adult, it is hard to change that completely. I think all the members feel the same way. We are from different countries, so each one has his base of what we experienced in our childhood.

MN: We heard you liked the TV drama series such as ‘Gokusen’ and ‘Nobuta wo Produce.’

Y: I watched it with all my friends! We are from “that” generation!

MN: Do you remember a young boy who played the role of Shuji’s younger brother in ‘Nobuta wo Produce’? His name is Yuto Nakajima and he is now a regular model for MEN’S NON-NO.

Y: I do know him! He is cool. I saw him cover the front recently.

MN: Oh, my. You really check MEN’S NON-NO.

Y: Yes, I always check MEN’S NON-NO every time I return to Japan.

MN: Happy to hear that! Are there any Japanese brands you like?

Y: I like KENZO,which was originally founded by a Japanese designer – I use KENZO’s perfume.

008/Question 127

What Had An Impact On You During The World Tour?


MN: When we asked you which country impressed you the most while you were on the world tour, you answered,
“Every country has a unique culture and fashion, so I was impressed by all the countries we visited. But above all, before we even talk about fashion, American cities looked very lively and colorful.”

Y: This relates to what we talked at the beginning of the interview – about finding and being content with your style. During the tour, I was very happy to meet many people who are at ease with their styles. In other words, they have strong mindsets that they don’t need to be bothered by how others judge them. Especially in the U.S., I met many people whose fashion was too much for me, but I found it awesome the way they walked it off confidently. They didn’t care what other people seemed to say about them.

MN: You observed and immersed yourself in various styles in many countries. Did it have any influence on this thought of ‘You decide for yourself what it means to be you’?

Y: It did! From my experiences abroad, I began to like and appreciate those moments when I feel ‘This is me!’  

MN: “This is me!” Sounds very simple.

Y: Yes, it is also ‘I’ or ‘myself’ – it could be anything from the state of my mind, fashion, music, and anything else.

MN: What kind of advice would you share with someone who isn’t confident in themselves or in their style?  

Y: Well, I’d like to tell them to struggle a bit more.

MN: Wow, you are hard on them, aren’t you(LOL)?

Y: I am because you have to find your style by yourself. Well, if I have to give them specific advice, they should take a photo or a video of themselves. Oh, do you think…do I sound too serious(LOL)?

MN: Not at all. Please go on. What does it mean to take a photo or a video of themselves?

Y: Sure. I think it is very important to take a photo or film yourself. I often videotape myself while I’m dancing because then, I realize that my pose and outfits look different in a video versus in a mirror. So a video can help you give you hints like, ‘Oh, this doesn’t work for me’ or ‘I can be confident in these outfits!’  

MN: Your advice is very reasonable coming from a person who has been on camera for many years. Are you suggesting that you have to look at yourself objectively?

Y: Exactly. But I am still experimenting with various things. Even when I think I found something that I am satisfied with, it doesn’t look good after I look at it objectively. But sometimes I just convince myself that it isn’t so bad after all.

MN: Is it different how you see yourself in your head and how you see yourself through a camera lens?

Y: Different! Truly different. So I encourage people to try this method.

MN: When you have an idealistic ‘you’, it seems difficult to fill that gap.

Y: Absolutely. I truly admire someone who can fill that gap immediately. In that sense, I would rather not take any advice from other people. Everyone is very different from each other, whether it’s the shape of the face, body type, or posture. Everyone has a style that is only for themselves. A style that fits someone else cannot be your style. You have to find your style by yourself. 

MN: I see…You have to find it yourself.

Y: Yes. You just have to trust yourself to do it. In the end, you can become confident by doing it.

009/Question 127

What Supports Your Confidence?


MN: For our question on “What makes you proud of yourself,” YUTA-san, you answered that,
“Being a hardworking Japanese abroad! It made me become responsible and appreciate my country more.” When are some instances when you feel this way?

Y: I became more responsible ever since my mother kept on sending me thesis-like messages. She sends me messages such as, ‘All of your fans are caring about you so much’, or ‘They are supporting you in many ways.’ Whenever I read her messages, I become emotional and touched to realize that I have people’s support. I feel their love and I want to return it as soon as possible. In the meantime, my mother’s messages made me understand some of the things I need to be careful about, such as ‘I need to act in a certain way,’ or ‘I have to be cautious about these things.’

MN: That is the mother’s love. Does she send them every day?

Y: Everyday! Well, I may have exaggerated it (LOL). I appreciate her for sending them quite often, though.

MN: Is it like ‘Today’s Letter’?

Y: Pretty much(LOL). She writes to me like ‘Today, I heard a fan say something nice.’ It makes me very happy.

MN: She will be sure to send you the reaction to this interview piece(LOL). We hope that you can see her soon

Y: Indeed. I want to have her homemade meals!

010/Question 127

Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

MN: In our previous interview, we asked you what you wanted to say to 16-year-old you, who just decided to leave for South Korea from Japan. You said,“Struggle to the very end. That way, you can grow significantly.”
Your words were shared so many times then. Today, we want to ask you what you want to tell yourself 10 years in the future. Consider it as a sort of time capsule. 

Y: Mmm, speaking to myself ten years in the future! That’s a tough question. Um, I will be 35 years old by then. Um, OK, I am ready. Can it be simple?

MN: Yes, of course.

Y: “Are you happy?”

MN: I see…Very important. Do you have any goals for what kind of adult you want to be?

Y: No, not yet. I don’t know about 10 years from now. I will be satisfied if I become an adult in the process of achieving my immediate goals. Lately, I’ve been thinking that it’s not a bad thing to go with the flow.

MN: We thought that we got a glimpse of the objective and relaxed side of YUTA-san through our interview today. 

Y: If you are too nervous, you feel uncomfortable. I feel that way now.

MN: You shared so many stories with us today. We’d like you to wrap up by describing your style and personality in one word. What does it mean to be confident of yourself while being natural about it? 

Y: One word, right? Um, “ORE(=I)” is my answer!

MN: Very powerful word. Thank you(LOL).

Y: I hope “ORE” is written in a Chinese character,俺(LOL). Like written in a cool way with a stylish brush!

MN: We are planning to release this interview series online in English for your fans all over the world. But your answer about “ORE” will be released in Japanese(LOL). We are sure that the Chinese character for “ORE” will make your fans understand your energy! Lastly, will you tell us about your future activities and what your fans can look forward to?

Y: When will you publish this article? (Talking to a staff) May I tell them that we are working on a new album? OK! We are preparing for a new album in Japan and we have already finished recording some songs. We still need to add more. It’s been a while since we produced an album in Japan, so I can’t wait to release it. And we want to perform it on a new stage for our fans. I hope you’re looking forward to it. The album is very exciting and super cool! NCT 127 is very proud of our performance. Many people still don’t know about us, so I hope they can get a little glimpse of our dances and stage performances. We try our best to show you a variety of performances!

MN: Thank you very much for your time today.

Y: Thank YOU. Please stay safe, everybody. Let’s meet with each other again in Japan!

YUTA'S 15/127 Question
011/Question 127

What is the moment you like the most?

When I am on the stage.

012/Question 127

What kind of place and ambiance do you like?

Places where I can feel nature and its history.

013/Question 127

What is the most powerful advice you have gotten so far?

Don’t deny yourself!

014/Question 127

What is the most memorable thing when you were a teenager?

The fact that I met so many people from different countries when I moved to South Korea!

015/Question 127

How do you want to enjoy your twenties?

I want to work hard on music and to create my music. I want to enjoy my life, but I don’t want to regret anything.

MN: This interview will be followed by other members of NCT 127. So, we’re planning to ask each member to choose a couple of songs by NCT 127 and by other artists, so that we can produce an original playlist for MEN’S NONNO.

Y: Mmm, very challenging. Can I choose more than one song? Wait a second, I’ll go through my playlist. Can I select songs by MIYAVI?

MN: Sure, of course. Please feel free to choose what you like!

Y: I’m ready. Um…From NCT 127, ’Paper Plane’, ‘Summer 127’ and ‘Paradise.’

MN: Quite a few(LOL).

Y: Sorry, I like too many songs(LOL). I chose these with a concept of pleasant summer drive in my head. The songs I like personally are…’Real?’ by MIYAVI; this is an old song, but it gets me in a better mood. And ‘New World’ by L’Arc~en~Ciel. These are the songs I recommend for summer!

NCT 127
NCT 127 is the boys’ group of multinational members based in Seoul, South Korea and is very active in global scenes. Its latest album ‘NEO ZONE’ sold well over 1 million copies and is breaking the group’s own sales record still now. Their fans’ long-awaited album, Japan 2nd Mini album ‘LOVEHOLIC’ is announced to be released on February 17,2021! The lead of the album is a love song that the group had the try for the first time and is much anticipated. nct-jp.net

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