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【#009 MARK #マーク】The Brilliant Members of World Renowned NCT 127 Share Their Thoughts Fashion, Music, Lifestyle, Favorite Things… What Their Individual Styles Are

【#009 MARK #マーク】The Brilliant Members of World Renowned NCT 127 Share Their Thoughts Fashion, Music, Lifestyle, Favorite Things… What Their Individual Styles Are

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Consisting of multi-national members from Japan, Korea, the U.S. and Canada, is the male dance and vocal group “NCT 127”, whose outstanding performance and ability of expressiveness, together with their heightened sensibility in music, have earned them acclamation the world over. This interview series showcases the individuality of each member through what they believe is their “own style”, delving into their approach on fashion to their methodology towards expressing themselves, as well as what their futures may hold, unraveling the group’s mystery from every angle all in the MEN’S NONNO way. With special contents, including pre-interview questions the members have each carefully responded to, online interviews connecting Tokyo and Seoul, and exclusive photographs provided by the members themselves, this interview series has certainly been a positive contrast to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Alas, the series finale. Throughout the interviews, the members of NCT 127 put thought in their “my own style” and conveyed it to us in words of sincerity. Running the anchor leg is none other than MARK, whose reputation as a rapper is on the rise worldwide. Get ready to be drawn in by MARK’s pearls of comments on the importance of putting feelings into words through singing and writing!
*For this interview, MARK spoke to us in Korean. The parts in which he spoke to us in Japanese are described as “(in Japanese)”.

What are MARK’S strengths as he sees it?

Mark:  (In Japanese) It’s been a while! Good day! Thank you for having me.

MEN’S NON-NO: MARK-san, it’s wonderful to have you with us today. Thank you very much for answering the pre-questionnaire and for sending all the photographs.

M: (In Japanese) Certainly~! Thank you right back!

MN: With regard to “How you would like to appeal to the readers of this series”, you wrote,“I would like to show ourselves as a “team” to as many people as possible”. Along with your self-introduction, could you elaborate on what it is you would like the readers to know about NCT 127, MARK-san?

M: Yes. Let me start with the self-introduction! Good day. MARK from NCT 127 here. We always have the desire to present our music to all of you and show you a sound performance. Every time we release something, we always think about how to create something different when it comes to music, and more than anything, how to mesmerize the audience from the stage. It’s been a while since we have released an album in Japan, and we have been putting in a lot of preparation so that we can show you some great performances!

MN: You mentioned “mesmerizing the audience from the stage”. To the question, “What do you enjoy doing the most?”, your response was,“To be on stage”. You appear to place a lot of importance on the stage. What do you find is your strength as a performer?

M: It’s something that I feel personally, but I find a “different me” with every single performance on stage. Even if I’m performing the same song, today’s me is different from tomorrow’s me, and it also depends on my mood at the time. I’m sure the audience will have a different take as well. So, I can honestly say that my strength is how I am able to ride the moment with every performance.

MN: That is a deeply interesting response. Like it’s more about your flexibility than a specific skill…

M: Right. I think it’s about the fascination of these distinct gestures I am able to pull out each and every time, depending on the circumstances… and I also think it’s about having that sense to be able to place yourself in the right frame of mind for any situation.

MN: Just like a rapper to enjoy improvising. One of our MEN’S NON-NO models said that he saw you on “High School Rapper” [Editorial staff note: a survival hip hop reality TV show with a competition to find the No. 1 rapper among high school students. MARK was on the show when he was in his third year of high school] in the past, and that you were super cool!

M: (Slightly overlapping) Wohhhhhh, seriously? Wow, that’s awesome!!!

Entire group: (Laughter)

M: I’m honored~!

MN: It likely only takes one time to see your performance to be convinced of how cool you are.

M: That’s so nice of you to say. (In Japanese) Thank you very much!

MN: We would like to take this opportunity to let the MEN’S NON-NO readers know more about NCT 127’s music. Could you please share with us the piece of work that you would love for the readers to “see by way of a greeting?

M: First, I would like to say again how honored I am. As I mentioned earlier, the appeal of NCT 127 is our performances on stage, which I also believe is our greatest strength. I think we are a team made up of members with the same enthusiasm. “We want to show our best on stage, we just want to compete on stage!” We prepare for many different things on a daily basis, but I feel that the moment when we show the most professionalism and really do give our best is when we are performing on stage.

MN: We’ve heard from 8 members, but that’s exactly what everyone said.

M: Yes! I always think about becoming the kind of team with the performance power to make even those who have never seen NCT 127 on stage before want to see us again and again once they have seen us. And… In line with that, if I were to recommend a piece, ‘Cherry Bomb’ would have to be the one.

MN: The dance formation towards the end is really impressive. Indeed, it is the kind of song that makes you want to see it performed live on stage.

M: Thank you very much. I do of course feel our stage performances are appealing, but there’s one more thing I’d like to say!

MN: Please!

M: There are, for example, some contents where we are being our natural selves, such as challenging a game or enjoying a walk around the city we visit for a concert… I think those are appealing aspects as well.

MN: During DOYOUNG-san’s interview, he too said, “We also shoot and upload contents on YouTube that show the group’s day-to-day, as we show ourselves stripped down, not just MVs or concerts.

M: That’s right. It shows another appealing part to us versus the stage, so I think it can be very interesting. We are, of course, powerful and full of passionate on stage, but I think the contents where we are playing games and such is really an approachable side to us. By observing all our other sides, and not just our MVs or concerts, I really think you can be fully immersed in what is so fascinating about NCT 127.

MN: We will be able to post a variety of things within the article, so we’ll make sure to introduce those as well.

M: Awesome! (In Japanese) I look forward to it.

To know the world, to be a writer. What are your thoughts on that?

MN: Now then, after thoroughly reading your questionnaire, how to put this, it’s not that often that you see so many amazing responses in one place that happen to be philosophical in nature. That’s how amazing we thought your responses were, MARK-san.

M: Woh~!!

MN: For the question, “If you were to introduce yourself to the readers of MEN’S NON-NO as if you were doing so to someone you just met for the first time, what would that be?”, you answered, “I’m a young man who is still learning about the world”. How concise yet such lovely words. Please tell us in what way you are coming face-to-face with the world right now.

M: Wow, thank you very much. I often feel how scary it is the way time just flies by. Like time is flashing by in an instant. However, I feel that the “youth” of each person is exactly when that person feels like “it is right now”. Of course, it depends on the person, but I think that there is a sense of youth that I can feel at any given time, whether I’m in my 30’s or my 40’s, and I think that will change depending on how I feel and how I perceive it. What I can say now is that somewhere inside, I feel like, “I still have yet to know the world”. That’s why I always feel that I’m in still the process of learning more about the world, and that I have a lot of new things to learn with so many different aspects. There is so much wisdom, information, and knowledge in this world, and it’s as if I’m digesting these things one by one within my mind without rushing the process, and I’m shaping my identity by selecting what I need. I feel like I’m amidst this process.

MN: It feels like facing the vastness of the outside world is also connected to facing yourself. Also, to the question, “What is your source of inspiration for creative work?”, you wrote, “EVERYTHING”.

M: That’s true. I’m currently trying to understand so many things and ingest them within myself. So, well, I guess I’m in the middle of my lessons.

MN: You talked about how you perceive the world, but the concept of the group is exactly “TO THE WORLD”. For the question, “What is important to you in expressing yourself and conveying your style as a global artist?”, you wrote, “I believe that we should know ourselves and be honest with ourselves”. To the world, to know yourself. It seems that “to know” is important you.

M: With regard my policy of being honest with myself in order to know myself, I believe it is necessary with all aspects. For example, as an artist, “I wasn’t honest with my previous performance, but this time I am”, just doesn’t cut it. After all, I think that in order to absorb various things, you should always be honest with your feelings and with yourself. Inspiration often comes from the outside, but I think it’s important to think about how you interpret it, what types of emotions you are willing to accept, and how you are going to express them. I feel like I’m always trying to figure out how I interpret a song and its concept with honesty, and then how I’m going to perform that song. I think the other members are the same, but TAEYONG-san, who also writes lyrics as I do, likely has many opportunities to feel the same way when writing poetry.

MN: Since you brought up writing lyrics, I’d like to ask you a couple of things accordingly. To the actual question, “What dream would you like to achieve in your life other than music?”, you responded, “To write literary work”. We can tell that you like to write from the questionnaire that was jam-packed with words, but please tell us what is important to you when putting your feelings into words, and if there is anything you would challenge yourself to try.

M: Let’s see… Though I mention writing, it’s mostly lyrics these days. However, in order to complete those lyrics, I need to keep writing down my ideas. Those ideas become the source of everything I write and I start from there. Each letter/character and sentence always are the basis of my lyrics and other works, and I think that they contain my various viewpoints as well as perspectives. I also try to express these different viewpoints and perspectives in words.

MN: That’s a vital essence on how to create works of art.

M:For example, even if the theme is the same, the interpretation will change depending on how you look at things, or rather, your point of view, and I think this will appeal differently to people. So, the lyrics then are taken further as they fit the music. Thus, the way it is conveyed will then change depending on the beat and sounds. I rather enjoy that part of it. As far as things “I would like to challenge myself to” in the future… Of course, right now, I think that writing lyrics is already a good way for me to express myself in terms of writing itself, and it’s very gratifying as well, but… If in the future, really further into the future, that is, once I have achieved a lot of experience, it would be wonderful if I could publish a book.

MN: Wow! We look forward to that!

M: My original dream was to become an author! And I am really satisfied that I am able to write lyrics and sing those lyrics, but it would be something if I could publish a book someday when I’m older….

MN: As a young man still in the process of learning about the world, we hope for the day when you, MARK-san, have seen and listened to more things, will be able to share your experiences with us.

M: One day, eventually. Whether it be a novel, or some kind of autobiography, or even something that’s philosophical…or something that represents my thoughts… As of now, it is all up in the air, but I do hope to be able to write a book of that sort one day.

MN: So, your passion for writing something is being devoted to the creation of lyrics.

M: Well, to be honest, I don’t’ really think I’ve been able to express myself fully yet. As I mentioned earlier, I’m still in the process of learning and absorbing various things, and in many ways, I feel my writing skills are still in its infancy as well. However, the important thing to remember is that it’s often not until you write down what you’re thinking about that you realize what it is that you were thinking about. When I write, a lot of things come to mind, and they then naturally becomes letters/characters and then sentences. So, I didn’t notice it before I began writing, but as I continued to write, I realized, “Oh, I had this idea in me” and “I had that idea in me”. The thoughts and feelings that were hiding within began coming to light. Right now, I find that process very stimulating”

MN: And what we hear is what has been output from that process.

M: I guess that’s how it works. And there’s one thing I know without a doubt. I am currently trying to express myself on a daily basis while feeling how “interesting” everything is. Besides, I think that if you don’t have fun yourself while experiencing all these different things, it simply won’t be able to write and express yourself well. That’s why I feel that, in addition to “writing”, it’s important for me to experience more interesting and different things.

MN: Well put. We will introduce the songs written by you, MARK-san, and TAEYONG-san, who came up earlier, at the end of this topic.

What kind of place is NCT 127 for MARK?

MN: We would like to ask what NCT 127 means to you, MARK-san?

M: Yes, certainly!

MN: There was one thing that was deeply impressive and we’d like to share that with the readers first. Two years ago, YUTA-san gave his first solo interview with MEN’S NON-NO and that article became a record-breaking hit. After it posted, when we told him about it at the Saitama Super Arena concert (NCT 127 1st Tour ‘NEO CITY:JAPAN‐The Origin’), you were next to him and we were surprised that you jumped up before him. We felt your deep affection for the other members.

M: Ahh~, thank you for looking over me with such warmth!

MN: We can’t forget how you shook YUTA-san’s shoulders and said, “You did it!”, while YUTA-san was still in shock, saying, “What? Really?” (laughter). All the staff members were talking about how “MARK’s response was the fastest~!”

M: Haha! First off, I mean, YUTA-san is just so adorable. I really do love him. It is of course important to be happy when someone important to you has had something good happen to him, and I’m sure YUTA-san would do the same for me. So, right now in that way, for me, the members mean a lot to me and I want everyone to be happy, and to be really happy all the time.

MN: It shows how you care about one another.

M: Since we are friends who have truly shared various things together and have experienced both joy as well as hardship, we’re so close that we can almost always tell what each other is thinking about. I think that it is more comfortable for each and every one of us to be each other than to be with anybody else, which I’m sure is the same for everybody else.

MN: In contrast, to the question, “What is behind the coolness of NCT 127?”, you responded, “I find it cool to be able to accomplish something difficult, so I think it is cool how I challenge myself and my team challenges itself in order to do so!”

M: We as NCT 127 are an ambitious group. We strive to pursue that ambition and are constantly trying to upgrade our own capabilities. I think these activities have made me a smarter person, and when they look at one another, I feel that we as an entire group are becoming more mature and blossoming through that effort. NCT 127 has really become an indispensable part of my life now. It’s a place in which I am able to grow and where happiness exists.

In what way do you perform due diligence on information and sublimate it into your own expressions?

MN: Next, we’d like to ask you some personal questions, MARK-san. To the question, “What culture has had an impact on you?”, you wrote, “BRUNO MARS, EMINEM”. We’re interested in how you came to know them in the first place, and we’re also curious about how they have had an impact on you, MARK-san, as someone who has many fans around the world as a performer, and it would be great if you could also tell us about any points that you may referenced as far as your style is concerned.

M:First of all, the existence of BRUNO MARS and EMINEM is really a big deal to me, and I love them as artists. With regard to BRUNO MARS, he was my favorite before I even joined SM (SM ENTERTAINMENT=NCT 127’s talent agency). Not only do I love him, but I also have total respect for him, too! With those feelings heightened, I sang one of his songs for the SM audition. With regard to rapping, once I joined SM, I gradually became interested and then fascinated with rapping, and I came to know EMINEM’S music in that process, which has had a huge impact on me. There’s no denying. The two of them are a big existence for me as artists. I also like JUSTIN BIEBER a lot and have respect for him. In the same way, he has inspired me in many ways.

MN: How do you discover what you can absorb from them aside from what you like?

M: No less, when I listen to the music of and watch not only them but also various other artists, I not only like and admire them, but I also naturally realize, “Oh, this person expresses like this”, “He interprets it like this and then expresses it in his own style.” I think for me, this is “something concrete” that I am able to learn from. In addition to BRUNO MARS and EMINEM and JUSTIN BIEBER, all the different rappers… There really are a lot of artists and rappers in this world. In that way, I can say that I am able to learn all kinds of things, because it is easy to get a lot of information by benefiting from the Internet every single day.

MN: That’s for certain. Although, that also makes it more difficult to make those choices…

M: Exactly. Absorbing, learning, and understanding what suits me from among all the various artists and styles that exist in the world. I feel that from there, I’m able to decide, “I’m going with this style”. However, the possibilities are endless. There are so many good artists and just an abundance of artists. So, this connects with what I said earlier, but I really feel that the most important thing is to be honest and to be honest with yourself. With so many different styles out there, I think it’s important to tell your own story, your own personal story, and above all, to express and communicate yourself in a solid manner, which will lead to differentiating yourself. To achieve this, I try to find artists I like, do my research extensively, and study what I need, but I think it is important to find out what it means “to be me”, to find my originality, and to speak in my own words.

MN: You are facing head on such a difficult goal of finding out what it means “to be me”… that’s overwhelming.

M: I feel like I continue to know more about myself each and every day, and even deeper! By doing so, I hope to become the kind of adult who lives the world according to my own beliefs and at my own pace, an adult who has a positive influence”

MN: That’s incredible. It feels like there is a consistency inside you with your thoughts, and you are absorbing and challenging yourself every single day. In terms of music, we are told that you also like to play the guitar. In addition to writing down the artists that you like in the questionnaire, you also sent a photograph of this.

M: Yes! As something that I am addicted to these days, I thought I’d take a photo of my acoustic guitar.

MN: Writing lyrics and songs, rapping, dancing, and now playing an instrument. There’s nothing you can’t do…!

M: Hahaha. I’ve uploaded myself singing with my own accompaniment on YouTube, so please have a look when you have a chance.

MN: To be your fan, MARK-san, means shrieking with joy because there’s so much to check out…!

What are your thoughts about communication?

MN: To the question, “Please list three things that make up who you are, MARK-san”, you wrote, “Family, members, fans”. It appears you’re all about “people”, MARK-san. Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see our loved ones. With group activities, not being able to do offline concerts or events. Under these circumstances, what do you find is important, MARK-san, when it comes to connecting with your family, members, and fans?

M: I find it truly “unfortunate and sad” that we are unable to do our regular activities and unable to see each other. But since there’s really nothing we can do about this situation, I think we have to accept it. On the other hand, in times like these, I think it’s really important to “communicate” with your loved ones and to find a way to communicate with them. For example, even between husband and wife, it is often said that it is not good to rely too much on “knowing without saying”. I mean, I’ve heard that there are some things that you simply can’t know unless you put them into words… Although, I don’t know about that kind of thing yet (LOL)

MN: Yes, we hear that a lot (LOL).

M: Even I used to nebulously think that my fans likely knew how much I wanted to see them and that I miss them when I can’t see them. However, I have come to realize that it is definitely necessary for people to communicate with each other and to properly express their feelings. I feel more aware of the importance of expressing my feelings in words without assuming that they will understand. With this in mind, I’ve been trying to express my feelings in words through SNS and online content as much as possible, so that my fans can think, “Oh, I’m so glad I waited for you.” I’d like to communicate with my fans through the use of my own words, so that I can stay connected and in a good relationship with all my fans for a long time to come.

MN: Your feeling are already clearly conveyed in those words.

M: If that’s the case, I am happy!

MN: The questionnaire we received back from you was positive overall, and full of strong willed words, but there was one particular answer that was really striking. It was the answer you wrote, “I would like others to see me as a happy person, but in fact, I have a lot of things to worry about.” to the question, “What kind of gap is there between the real you and how you want to be seen by others?” To the question, “What would you like to overcome?”, you responded, “Worrying too much about unnecessary things.” Of course, nobody is fine all the time, but you have an image of being cheerful and energetic, MARK-san. So, the question is, how do you fill in the gaps when it comes to that?

M: Ugh~. That’s partly due to my personality. When I meet people, when I come face-to-face with them, whether it’s the fans or people who are normally around me, I don’t like to show them that I’m not doing well because I’ve had a bad day, for example. I mean, I don’t think it’s in my nature to show my negative side. The reason is that there is nothing wrong with the other person. So, to express the problem I’m having in front of that person is… well, I think it’s just wrong. That’s why I always want to bring as much positive energy as possible to the person in front of me, and to be in a cheerful state.

MN: It’s common to take your anger out on others when you are in a bad mood, but you are making an effort to control yourself there! With regard to, “a memorable piece of advice you received from somebody”, you responded, “TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WISH TO BE TREATED.” There feels like a connection here.

M: Yes, there is. In particular, for my fans, I want to show a good image of myself. They always support us, and even for our concerts and events, they often come from afar to meet us. Why would we want to take the trouble to show our negative side under those circumstances? If we did, we would wind up in regret after getting off the stage. That’s why I always want to deliver energy to my fans, and even if I do have worries or concerns, I do what I can to not to show them. There’s always another place where I can release it. So, if I’m in a bad state, I tend to shift my emotions. I try to eliminate my worries and concerns as much as possible, but if I find it difficult or impossible to do, I think it’s something that should be resolved by talking to the members of the group, talking to my family, or talking to the people around me.

What is MARK’s fashion preference?

MN: Let’s talk about your view on fashion, MARK-san. To the questions, “Do you like fashion? What does fashion mean to you?”, you answered, “I believe that fashion has become an expression and a language. It’s like an art form that also expresses my personality.”

M: Hahaha. I did write that, didn’t I?

MN: For the reason, you wrote, “I have come to realize that everyone’s fashion is different. In other words, each person is different, and I think it shows in their fashion”. That’s kind of like a quintessential story of self-expression.

M: You could say that. I think fashion has that aspect to it. Personally, when I look at a person’s fashion, I feel that it matches their personality or character in some way. That applies to me personally as well as those around me. So, in that sense, fashion is interesting and a mystery, which is why I see it as being an art form.

MN: MARK-san, what kind of style do you think is expressed through your fashion?

M: My fashion has more of a casual and street style to it. I don’t really wear anything that looks too formal, such as formal items. I’m a person who dances, and I always practice a lot, so I often wear training outfits or things made of fabrics for training. I also love hats. As a basic rule, I think I tend to like outfits that are comfortable and that I can relax in. I’m also a big fan of street fashion. When I’m shopping, I’m into that type of thing and often tend to buy them. If you think about it, it’s a strange feeling to be shopping, isn’t it? Like you figure out what you like by purchasing clothes. From there, I feel like you can know yourself and your own style.

MN: That’s true. By looking at different types of clothing, you can figure out what you like. To the question, “What is your favorite type of taste in fashion?”, you responded, “I think I tend to keep it easy as I always have”, which connects to how you said you like fashion that is relaxed.

M: Yes. I think I’ve always been that way. I think there was a question, “Please tell us about your past history in fashion.” I don’t think I’d change a bit, past or present. My favorite item right now is still training pants.

MN: As another favorite item, you also sent us a photo of a bag you frequently use.

M: Yes. I used to always carry a large backpack. So, this is first time that I have purchased a small sized item like this. On top of that, it was inexpensive, too! (LOL)”

Entire group: (Laughter)

M:“I use it so often. t’s small, easy to hold, and not a hassle at all. And yet, it fits everything I need. That’s why I love it so much! We often use the same dressing rooms and waiting rooms, and this bag doesn’t take up much space at all. That’s why I think it’s practical and highly M:versatile in every way.

MN: To another question, ““What kind of fashion would you like to try out?”, you answered, “I’d like to quit wearing black”. Where most members responded, “I’d like to try/wear xx”, you’re the only one who wrote down you wanted to quit something, which is very interesting.

M: I feel like I’m always wearing black (LOL). Even though I may have the same thing, I tend to buy it in black. In comparison to our stage outfits, I think my personal outfits are very simple.

 What noteworthy points are there to “LOVEHOLIC”?

MN: Now we’d like to move on to your new mini album, “LOVEHOLIC”, which is due for release on February 17th. Undoubtedly you have much to talk about, MARK-san, but first, could you kindly tell us about the entire concept of the album what your team aspired to do?

M: To start out, what we always want to convey is the fact that we are preparing a Japanese album for the first time in a really long time, which is the most important thing about this album!

MN: Ohhhh.

M: It’s really frustrating that we are not able to communicate directly with the fans due to the current situation, and it is very sad and unfortunate that we haven’t been able to visit Japan for some time. Just as in the word “love”, which is in the title “LOVEHOLIC”, that is, I think the album is full of a lot of songs that express the feelings of love and the act of loving itself. We tried to express that “love”, which is an emotion that everyone has for one thing or another, in our own unique way. We stuck to what we could accomplish because we are NCT 127. We thought that it wouldn’t be interesting if it was just a love song, so we wrote it with the intention of expressing something “unique”. Anything more specific is still top secret (LOL). However, I can say that the key phrase, key point to the album is “That love is an earnest one”. That’s all for today!

MN: Oh, boy. Now you’ve sparked our curiosity (LOL). The other members all spoke about, “rather than a so-called “love song”, various types of loves are expressed” or “If your imagining a sweet love song, you’re in for a surprise”, things like that. And it will finally be released next month.

M: You won’t be disappointed!

MN: Earlier, you talked about how words are very important for you. When singing in rapping in Japanese lyrics, were there any interesting things you felt or difficult points in comparison to other languages?

M: Ah! (In Korean and Japanese) Neomu Neomu (너무너무[very, very]) beautiful!

MN: So, you felt it was beautiful.

M: Certainly~! I personally think that Japanese is very beautiful. I was exposed to Japanese for the first time in my life through my activities with NCT 127. Some parts are similar to Korean, and I feel that it is interesting to express and sing in accordance with the sound and feel of the Japanese language. What I find most enjoyable and interesting when rapping and singing is the moment when the Japanese fans are very happy about it. And when we are working in Japan, I think that it is only decent to express ourselves in the Japanese language. I have a great desire to share things with the fans under that kind of awareness. For songs that we have expressed in Japanese up to now, one of my favorites is a song titled “Long Slow Distance”. This is a ballad, and the melody and lyrics are very nice and it’s a beautiful song. By facing the lyrics of this song head on, my Japanese studies progressed a lot!

MN: The poem is like a scene from a sunrise spreading right before your eyes. Such beautiful learning material…! Are there any songs in particular from “LOVEHOLIC” that you like?

M: That would be the lead track! It’s definitely a song about love, but it’s a lot more energetic rather than soft, and you can feel how powerful it is. You start out thinking it’s a love song, and I mean it is definitely a love song, so… How do I put this, everybody then imagines a melodious song…

MN: I agree. More often than not people imagine something romantic.

M: Right? However, while recording the song, I found the unexpectedness of the song to be quite intriguing. Rather than a sweet atmosphere, the song expresses NCT 127’s unique energy, and you can expect no less than the best!

 Answers from the anchor leg of “NCT 127’s pursuit of my own style”

MN: Now for the last question. As it is for you too, MARK-san, this is the last interview of this series in which we talked to each and every member of NCT 127. We’ve reached the theme of “thinking about my own style”. In a word, “what is my own style” to you, MARK-san, at this point in your life?

M: In one word, right?”

MN: Yes.

M: Blue.

MN: Hmm…! Blue!

M: I really like blue as a color. The color, blue. I’m wearing a red outfit today, but blue is a color that I like and I feel like there is a blue mood that only I have.

MN: Blue often applies to feeling down, too. Oftentimes, it is referred to as “feeling blue”, but you are referring to something else, right?

M: Yes. That’s right. Not feeling down, but I’d rather express a pleasant feeling of blue. I like the vibe you get off of the color blue. For example, when saying, “It’s a blue day today, don’t you think?”, I think it can express exhilaration that one feels in a word. I prefer to exhibit my feelings in that way. Although it’s just a feeling I have, It means that I want to have a perfectly clear mindset, not a melancholy blue one.

MN: That is definitely a style that’s all your own.

M: For example… Uh, wait a minute. HAECHAN just came next to me and it’s hard to concentrate (laughter).

MN: (LOL). No worries. Take your time!

M: Um, right, the blue I think of is really pleasant, fresh, like a blue sky. That’s the kind of thing that comes to mind. Blue is my own style.

MN: YUTA-san was “ORE-(myself in Japanese)”, TAEYONG-san was “Meeting others”, JOHNNY-san was “To be free”, DOYOUNG-san was “My way”, TAEIL-san was “Natural & relaxed”, JAEHYUN-san was “As everyone sees me”, JUNGWOO-san was “Keep Going”, and HAECHAN-san was “HAECHAN at 20 years old, still in the process of learning much and yet to grow”, and finally, including your “Blue”, MARK-san, now the “My own style” list is complete.

M: It’s interesting to see them side-by-side!

MN: This series of articles began last summer and now all the interviews have been completed. MARK-san, it would be an honor to have you close out the series.

M: Okay!

MN: Entire group: (Laughter)

M: First, thank you to everyone at MEN’S NON-NO for this opportunity. I would like to once again express my gratitude.

MN: That would be thank all of you in NCT 127, truly!

M: I’m very happy to think that we were able to communicate with our fans, and possibly to people who didn’t even know us before, through the magazine media in this way. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity like this. “LOVEHOLIC”, our first album in Japan in a very long time, will be released soon. We worked on this album with the hopes to be able to communicate with you through our music and to interact with all of you heart-to-heart. It would be wonderful if many of you could share your love with us. Finally, please take care of yourselves and your health.

MN: Thank you very much!

NCT 127’s Japan staff, MEN’S NON-NO: Wow, that’s it. Everything has been successfully completed! (applause)

M: (in Japanese) Thank you for your time! I was very happy to see the faces of all the staff after so long. Please take care! Until we meet again!!

☆ This concludes “NCT 127’s pursuit of my own style”. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the members of NCT 127 who took the time out of their busy schedules to participate in this online interview series, and to the staff members who worked hard to make this project a success.
We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Rie Nemoto and Yon Jimi for providing simultaneous interpretation, and also, Keiko Tsuyama, who joined us in translating the article into English, a new initiative for MEN’S NON-NO!

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who has read the articles up to now. It was very encouraging thanks to every one of our readers who have always sent us your warm impressions on our interviews. Until we meet again!

What kind of person do you admire when it comes to style?

Our members

What landscape symbolizes who you are?

The sun

What is the one thing that you can hold your head up high about?


 What is the best memory you have from your teens?

The fact that I debuted, began my music career, and performed live

How do you want to spend your 20s?

I would like to spend it working even harder, being happier and smarter

What would you like to ask the readers of this series?

What do you think is the most suitable style for NCT 127?

MN: With the addition of MARK-san’s songs, the playlist for MEN’S NON-NO created by NCT 127 has finally reached completion! (By clicking the image above, you can actually jump to sites, such as Apple Music, Spotify, AWA, etc. All the songs listed by the members who have appeared in this series so far have also been added to the playlist. So, please check it out). Please share with us your favorite NCT 127 songs at the moment, as well as the songs by other artists that you can recommend to us right now, MARK-san.

M: From NCT 127, I would choose a song called “100” from the first Japanese mini album “Chain”. We have yet to perform this one in concert and I can honestly say that in a sense it is a hidden masterpiece. We sing it in Japanese, but I love this song so much that I sometimes look for it in my playlist and listen to it myself.

MN: We look forward to seeing you perform it live. What about a song from other artists?

M: Let’s see, what comes to mind right now is what I was listening to this morning. “Holy” by Justin Bieber feat. Chance the Rapper. That’s what I would like to add! When listening to it, I feel super good.

MN: And that completes the playlist created by all nine members. We hope you enjoy this until the new album comes out!

NCT 127

NCT 127 is a boy band with global reach, consisting of multi-national members and based in Seoul of South Korea. Their latest hit “NEO ZONE” has sold over 1.47 million copies and still rising. And now, Japan’s highly-anticipated 2nd Mini Album “LOVEHOLIC” will be released on February 17, 2021! Expectations are heightened as they try their hand at a love song for the first time as the lead track. nct-jp.net The last HP link is as follows (same as listed)

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